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Terms, Rates & Charges

Invoices will be submitted on the Friday of each week when we have worked on a project in that week. We have standard invoice terms of 30 days. Payments preferred by BACS.

Our standard day rate is from 450 to 750 a day (depending on length of contract). One day will be classed as 7.5 hours.

We do charge for overtime that works out as 60 - 100 an hour based on our daily charge. Overtime will be charged to the nearest 15-minute interval. Overtime will only occur with prior sign-off from the client.

We charge 1.5 times our standard hourly rate for work conducted during out of hours or antisocial work times. Out of hours / antisocial work is after 9pm and before 7am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

A full day will be charged when required to travel to a client's site. We will endeavour to make this day as productive as possible.

Expenses for travel will be charged from our registered address to any locations we may be asked to visit. Travel by car will be based on our rate of 50p per mile. We will invoice for expenses with receipts.

Prices quoted do not include VAT

A copy of our Professional Services Agreement can be downloaded from here

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