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Lorenz Curve

Welcome to Chaos Systems Limited

We are an ICT consultancy based in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire. Our objective is to supply project management services, research and development, bespoke application development, technical support and development resources for large projects. Our niche market is the emergency services, specifically the UK Police Forces.

A pioneer of the Chaos Theory was Edward Lorenz who discovered that small changes in initial conditions produced large changes in the long-term outcome. This gave rise to the term "Butterfly Effect". As a company, we want to make those small changes for you that have the largest positive impact on your business.

We adopt agile methodologies to project management and applications development. This gives the customer better management and control of projects. Our most important quality is our ability to embrace change at any stage within a project.

Our pricing strategy has been modelled for maximum flexibility for our customers. Customers can purchase small blocks of service credits that can be used at any time within a twelve-month period.

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